Drink More Water – The Benefits + How to Establish the Habit

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog post! I’m back again, and today I want to discuss the benefits of a basic human need…drinking water.

Some readers might think this is a topic that doesn’t need a discussion, as it is quite imperative to our survival.

But it is really surprising how many of us drink little to no water daily.

Want to skip ahead?

1. The Physical Benefits
2. The Psychological Benefits
3. My Personal Experience
4. Establish Drinking Water
as a Habit

5. How Much Water Should
We Be Drinking?

I was one of these people for a long time and have only recently changed my ways.

Over the last 3 months, I have really noticed a difference in how I feel and positive changes in my body. And this is all because I began drinking more water.

I want to discuss my personal experiences with the wonders of hydration later on in this article.

But for now, let’s get into the sciencey bit.

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learn how to drink more water and why you should establish the water drinking habit for your health and fitness benefits

The Physical Benefits

By ‘physical benefits’, I am referring to the changes we notice to the external parts of our bodies, these are usually the changes and benefits most talked about when it comes to water consumption.

1. Boosts your performance during exercise

Physical exertion is the number one reason people stop exercising. They are too tired to carry on. But what if there was a way to extend the period of energised movement?

There is…drinking water is the answer.

Your physical performance can be almost instantly improved by hydrating.

This is especially important when exercising intensely or in hot conditions (see here).

Drinking a good amount of water can prevent reduced motivation and exhaustion.

I have also found, it makes exercising feel less difficult, physically and mentally.

2. Speeds up weight loss

Water is a fast and easy way to boost your metabolism. It is so simple, drink water and lose weight quicker and more efficiently.

A boost in your metabolic rate, helps your body to burn more calories on a daily basis. Therefore, resulting in weight loss.

A great tip is to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before your next meal. It can make you feel fuller and as a result, you intake fewer calories (see here).

water splash drinking drink h2o aqua bottle droplets liquid benefits health fitness
Photo by Samara Doole on Unsplash

3. Keeps your skin bright and tight

When dehydrated, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and wrinkling.

Drinking more water can prevent this from happening.

Keeping your body hydrated, will keep your skin hydrated and, in turn, promote the production of collagen.

The Psychological Benefits

The psychological benefits of staying hydrated refers to the affects on the brain and behaviours. These changes are not as commonly discussed as the physical changes as they are often not as obvious.

1. Improves your brain functionality and boosts energy levels

Studies have shown that just mild dehydration (fluid loss of 1-3%) can negatively affect your energy levels and mood, resulting in a poorer performance of your brain and memory.

This is because your brain is highly influenced by your water consumption.

Therefore, increasing the amount of water you are drinking, and staying hydrated, helps your brain and energy do the best they can.

water splash drinking drink h2o aqua bottle droplets liquid benefits health fitness chillys macbook laptop flat lay

2. Prevents the risk of headaches and can treat existing ones

Dehydration and headaches often go hand-in-hand.

Getting a headache is one of the number one symptoms that you are not drinking enough water (see here).

Studies have also shown a correlation between drinking water and the relief of headaches.

3. Can enhance your mood

Similarly to improved brain functionality, keeping hydrated can also positively affect your mood.

Dehydration has been linked to an increase in fatigue and confusion. This unhealthy state can also progress to feelings of anxiety.

Therefore, as a result of drinking water, your mood is likely to be more positive.

we've all heard that drinking lot of water is good for us, but to what extent? How can it change our lives for the better and what unusual benefits are there? Find out here. blog blogger newbie beginner blog post writing community website health fitness water benefits drinking drink beverage h2o aqua liquid advantages life-changing establish encourage instil habit healthy drink more glass cup litres recommended

My Personal Experience

As I’m sure you know, there are a tonne more benefits to drinking water and staying hydrated. The list could go on forever.

If you would like to find out more about the positive effects, go ahead and click here.

Along with the enhancements listed above, I also felt a lot of changes to my mental state and overall energy levels.

Firstly, I noticed improvements in my bodily functions. Everything just seemed to work a bit smoother and more efficiently (although I definitely needed to use the toilet more).

I think because my body and its functions felt better, so did I.

My energy and efficiency seemed to double overnight. I now have more energy to be productive and more energy and drive during exercise.

These changes over the past months have also positively affected my mental health. Having more energy and getting more things done, has made me feel happier than I have in forever.

I have loved the differences I have found in myself due to my perseverance with drinking more water and instilling this habit.

Establish Drinking Water as a Habit

Remembering to keep drinking water throughout the day, hasn’t always been as easy for me as it is now.

For someone who only really had a drink with a main meal, it was very unusual for me to be drinking throughout the day, and to choose water over a fizzy drink.

It has taken me about a month to really get the hang of this habit and imprint this into my way of life.

So here is how I did it so you can too!

Invest in a quality water bottle or flask

I purchased a Chilly’s bottle and can not recommend it enough. It is great value for money, as the quality is outstanding and the bottle keeps my water cold for longer than I even need.

I love my water bottle so much, I actually want to drink from it. This investment really kickstarted my waterdrinking and has continued to remind me to stay hydrated.

I seriously recommend everyone gets a reusable water bottle. Not only for yourselves, but also for the environment.

7.7 billion single-use water bottles are used each year, in the UK alone. Most end up polluting our rivers and seas, often endangering wildlife.

Set yourself a goal

In the early days of establishing your habit, it can be very important to set yourself a goal to keep in mind throughout your journey.

For me, I started by simply having a sip of water from my water bottle whenever I remembered.

Eventually, when I was doing this regularly, I set myself a new target to consume a certain amount of cups per day.

Every time I reached my goal, I celebrated my success then set a new one.

Finally, I managed to drink the NHS’s recommended daily allowance with ease.

water splash drinking drink h2o aqua bottle droplets liquid benefits health fitness girl woman insta menu restaurant cafe pub
Photo by Pontus Ohlsson on Unsplash

Track your daily water intake

This was a big one for me. Tracking how much water you drink, can encourage you to drink more by giving yourself a sense of achievement.

You should celebrate every day that you get closer to your goal and the days you reach it.

Tracking your intake is also important to make sure you are on the right track and are consuming the amount you set out to.

If you have a diary or bullet journal, I recommend creating a monthly habit tracker and making a note of how many glasses you are drinking each day.

Have a glass of water with every meal

By using food as a reminder to drink water, you are much more likely to remember to do it.

I used to always have a fizzy drink or fruit cordial with my meals. This meant I was consuming more sugar and not getting as much water as I needed.

By ensuring you only drink water with your food, you are adding to your daily total whilst keeping yourself hydrated throughout meals.

Keep water by your bed

Having a drink of water just before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up is a great practice, and one which benefits your body in many ways.

Make sure to fill up your water bottle or glass before you get into bed so it will be waiting for you in the morning.

This is an easy reminder for yourself, as well as being a great way to kickstart your mornings.

we've all heard that drinking lot of water is good for us, but to what extent? How can it change our lives for the better and what unusual benefits are there? Find out here. blog blogger newbie beginner blog post writing community website health fitness water benefits drinking drink beverage h2o aqua liquid advantages life-changing establish encourage instil habit healthy drink more glass cup litres recommended

So How Much Water Should You be Drinking Daily?

Unfortunately there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question.

Many different scientific studies has revealed many different results. Results which are all similar and prove the benefits of drinking water, but have lead to slightly different recommendations.

The recommended amount of water to intake daily, mainly differs from country to country. This can be linked to different climates; the warmer the climate, the more you should drink.

For this article, I use and refer to the UK government’s recommended 6-8 cups or glasses of water per day. This is equivalent to around 1.2 litres.

This includes drinking low-fat milks and low-sugar drinks, including tea and coffee. However, I personally only track my pure water consumption.

But if you would like to, or feel the need, to drink more water than this, please do. You would have to drink between 0.8 to 1.0 litres of water per hour to be at risk of over-hydration.

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Starting a Mindful Morning Routine

It’s Friday again and I’ve managed to pull another blog post out the bag! That’s going on my list of achievements.

So today, I wanted to outline the new practices I have started using as part as my morning routine, to encourage mindfulness. This basic schedule begins when I wake up in the morning to about midday.

Please bare in mind that I am not a morning person and I don’t start most days until 10am. So please, if you are a morning person or have to get up at an earlier time, just move the schedule forward by how many hours suits you.

Let’s get started!

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Want to know more about how to start incorporating mindfulness into your life? Well morning is the perfect time to start. Follow the link to my blog post and read all about simple tools and techniques you can use to be more mindful. . . . . . ignore- new newbie beginner blog blogger post article pinterest mindful mindfulness health mental meditate meditation breathing routine schedule timetable morning time of day wake up starting begin

9.00 My lovely, soft morning alarm wakes me up.

I can’t get out of bed straight away, but I take my eye mask off, sit up a little and take some big sips of water.

This is important, you should start everyday by drinking water. It helps to kickstart your metabolism and gets your body ready for the day ahead. I can’t recommend this enough.

9.15 By this time, I have finally dragged myself out of bed and made my way downstairs.

Now, I know everyone’s morning routine is slightly different, but I always start with breakfast.

If this seems absurd to you and completely out of the realms of your usual routine, don’t worry. I am going to recap all the activities for mindfulness in this article right at the very end. You can rearrange them into whichever order suits you best.

My usual breakfast consists of crunchy peanut butter on wholemeal toast. I’m not really sure if this is the best way to kickstart the day but it suits me fine.

Occasionally, I will swap this out for porridge or strawberry Alpro yoghurt.

9.30 By now it’s time for my morning coffee.

I’ve recently been indulging in a vegan mocha creation of mine. But I do like to mix it up and have different hot drinks.

I spend this time to be more mindful and aware of all my senses. Using a certain habit or activity to remind yourself to be more mindful is a great practice.

I will smell the coffee and try to describe the aroma to myself. I will feel the warmth of the mug on my hands.

Finally, I will taste the coffee on my lips and try to describe that best I can. Feeling the sensation of the warm drink going down my throat.

I also love to do this activity outside, weather permitting. It’s such an experience to sit in my garden with the dogs and observe everything around me.

Leaves falling off the trees. The plants swaying in the breeze. Birds singing their morning song.

Want to know more about how to start incorporating mindfulness into your life? Well morning is the perfect time to start. Follow the link to my blog post and read all about simple tools and techniques you can use to be more mindful. . . . . . ignore- new newbie beginner blog blogger post article pinterest mindful mindfulness health mental meditate meditation breathing routine schedule timetable morning time of day wake up starting begin

9.50 After 20 minutes or so, I head back upstairs and take any medications I need to at this point.

Every morning I take a vegan supplement that helps me to get all the vitamins and minerals I need for my diet.

I also take any prescription medication I’m on, making sure to wash down both with some cool water.

10.00 By 10am I am still in my pyjamas, but I find a quiet spot in the house (which can sometimes be difficult), find a cushion to sit on and cross my legs.

It’s time to meditate.

Now, it is down to personal preference what time of day meditation takes place.

Some people prefer to use it to wind-down in the evening. But I find, I am much less likely to do it if I leave it until last thing.

I am new to meditation myself, and I’m not going to pretend it is as easy as just sitting with your eyes closed. It isn’t.

I recommend finding some good guided meditations to begin with, I will list some I have found useful below.

Pick Up Limes

Yoga with Kassandra

10.15 As a beginner, I aim to do 15 minutes of meditation a day.

Sometimes I do more, sometimes I do less. Sometimes I skip it completely. But once I’ve come out of this meditative state, I actually start to get ready for the day.

To help incorporate podcasts into my day, I make sure to let them play during this time. I always start by listening to the daily podcast by Andy Puddicombe, Radio Headspace.

I love that he talks about relevant events to the day and his podcasts are only 4 minutes long. It is also nice to listen to an English podcaster, as the majority I listen to are Australian.

I am also working my way through Rachael Kable’s, The Mindful Kind. Listening to these inspiring podcasts about mindfulness and head space, is a really great and almost passive, mindfulness practice.

I’ve learnt so much through this part of my morning routine.

During my podcast listening time, I wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed, brush my hair, make my bed and mist my indoor plants.

11.00 When all this is done, and I’ve completed the main bulk of my morning activities, I like to take a minute to sit down and review my self-care journal.

I started my journal just over a month ago, and it is in a similar style to a bullet journal. I use my iPad and download different journal templates, as a way to be more zero waste.

I have become so much more organised since using this journal and it has allowed me to clear my mind during meditation, as soon as I think of something I need to do, it is written in there.

I check my monthly planner and daily planner to see what needs doing today. I also write down what I ate for breakfast and tick off items from my habits list I have already completed.

11.15 I then respond to any emails than need replying to and use my phone for the first time of the day.

I check my social medias (usually Twitter and Instagram) also, and respond where necessary to notifications.

11.30 By this time, I have built up the energy to do my daily workout.

I head back downstairs and choose between the static bike or a YouTube core workout.

(I usually opt for a bit of cycling.)

I spend between half hour to an hour exercising, making sure to drink lots of water whilst doing so.

12.00 When I am all sweated out, I head upstairs and hop in the shower.

Just like with my coffee, I like to use the shower as a trigger to be mindful and acknowledge my senses.

I feel the water pouring down onto me, and its warmth. I feel the droplets bouncing off my skin and down into the plug hole.

I use my shampoo, conditioner and body soap all whilst thinking about their scents and feeling them foam up.

I also like to spend this time thinking about what my plans are for the rest of the day.

Want to know more about how to start incorporating mindfulness into your life? Well morning is the perfect time to start. Follow the link to my blog post and read all about simple tools and techniques you can use to be more mindful. . . . . . ignore- new newbie beginner blog blogger post article pinterest mindful mindfulness health mental meditate meditation breathing routine schedule timetable morning time of day wake up starting begin

And that is pretty much it.

I usually will listen to some more podcasts or an audiobook whilst I get dressed a second time, but that is the end of my morning routine.

To find out more about other mindful habits I have started to incorporate into my life, you can find my last blog post here.

I hope this schedule has been helpful to you in some way and that you take away at least one of the mindfulness practices I have mentioned in this post.

To recap, I have listed the main mindfulness techniques I have incorporated into my morning routine.

  • Eat breakfast or drink your morning hot drink mindfully – concentrate on your senses, think about all the different smells and tastes you’re experiencing.
  • Meditate – this can be a very short time for beginners (even 5 minutes is great), I recommend starting with guided meditations.
  • Review your planner or journal and plan out your day generously – you can remind yourself of some more mindfulness habits you would like to work on during the rest of the day.
  • Take a mindful shower or bath – focus on the scents of your soaps and shampoo, and the warmth of the water.

I hope you have found this week’s article of some help to you. I would love to hear what your mindful morning routine consists of too.

See you next Friday!

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Top 10 Things You Need During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for a lot of us. These are really crazy times and sometimes I forget what the norm used to be, only a couple of months ago.

I mean, if someone had told you at Christmas time that you would soon be trapped in your house 23 hours of the day everyday for the foreseeable future, would you have believed them?

I think not.

As the UK lockdown was announced, just days after major US cities like New York, it was scary but kind of exciting.

As a university student I got to quickly pack some things from my studio and hop on a train all the way back to my family home, joyful at the idea of no lectures and classes.

For my younger sister it was a better story.

Her being in her last year at secondary school, she was given the news that she didn’t have to take any of her GCSE exams and could receive her predicted grades.

But now as the weeks turn into months, all of that seems like a distant memory each day consists of the same.

Merging into one, I never really know what the day is anymore.

I’m sure this is the same for a lot of people, and this is why I have devised a list of the things that are helping me get through this strange time and keeping me occupied.

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woman window looking staring gazing rain lady bob short hair blonde covid-19 coronavirus pandemic 10 things to do list bored hobby fun recreation

10 Products That Will Aid Productivity

1. Nintendo Switch Console

I’ve had my Nintendo Switch for almost a year now and it is honestly endless fun and recreation.

Whether your an adult or a child, there are games out there for everyone, and to be honest, the kids games can be very entertaining!

Want to skip ahead?

1. Nintendo switch console
2. apple ipad pro
3. adult colouring books
4. Reading books
5. jigsaw puzzles
6. exercise equipment
7. streaming services
8. label maker
9. sewing machine
10. baking/cooking utensils

I have the original console but the newer Lite editions offer just as much play time, and for a smaller price.

In terms of the games to buy, in my opinion you can’t go wrong with pretty much any Mario game out there.

My favourites would have to be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

Then again, I completed Yoshi’s Crafted World in a couple of weeks, it was that good!

Other games available include The Sims 4, the brand new Animal Crossing and pretty much anything else you can think of.

I’m planning on purchasing Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training as my next game to improve my productivity during lockdown and as a throwback to when I used to play it as a child.

2. Apple iPad Pro

Since starting my first proper year at university in September, I realised how much the use of an iPad could benefit me.

After doing some research about my course, I found that one of the latest iPad Pros were most suitable as they include special design features (including Apple Pencil compatability) that would help my graphic design.

This was my intention for the purchase of my iPad and its capability goes above and beyond what I need of it.

However, the UK lockdown has made me realise its many other great uses.

They are so powerful the image quality is outstanding when watching anything on them.

I often opt for Netflix or one of the on-demand channels. More recently, I’ve reverted back to my youth and have been hooked to Disney+ for more than a few hours.

Other uses for my iPad include pretty much all my university coursework, there are so many useful apps at your fingertips.

Please let me know if you would like an in-depth post on this.

And finally, I’ve recently begun using Zoom to group call my friends for virtual quizzes or just some catch up time.

The iPad works very well with this software and is just the perfect size to fit about 8-10 people on your screen at once.

Everything you need to survive the UK lockdown without boredom and increase productivity. coronavirus pandemic lockdown bored trapped home house family things to do games entertainment exercise recreation activities blogger blog website post

3. Adult Colouring Books

I’ve never really been that big of a fan of colouring within the lines but, since the lockdown, I’ve found I have so much time on my hands I don’t know what to do with it.

Then there’s the added worry, stress and/or anxiety a lot of people are struggling with in these uncertain times.

Adult colouring books have been a great solution for me.

There are so many varieties of books to choose from, from simpler cartoon style designs to intricate patterns.

I’ve found the more detailed patterned designs to be the most therapeutic, and there is a lot of scientific evidence to back these claims.

Aside from relaxing, I’ve found these colouring books to be perfect for when you’ve got spare 10 minutes, when I’m waiting for dinner to cook, for example.

You can just grab the book and get to work on what ever you fancy.

4. Reading Books

Reading something you enjoy is an important part of our everyday development and down-time.

With so much time on our hands at the moment, it would almost be criminal to not spend an hour or so diving into a juicy read.

For me, I’ve found this time is perfect for going around the home and spring-cleaning where necessary.

In my bedroom alone, I’ve opted for an entire declutter and turned the whole room upside down!

To help me with this side project, I enlisted the help of decluttering gurus far and wide.

In recent years, there has been a wave of books in this category, each author with their own wacky method to minimalist living.

One of my personal favourites is Marie Kondo’s KonMari method for condensing your belongings.

There are so many books out there that can help you with clearing out and doing the most with the space you have.

Being confined to your home for so many hours of the day, it is important to embrace and enjoy the space that you live it.

Below are the books I recommend to help you with this.

5. Jigsaw Puzzles

A jigsaw puzzle is the classic solution to a rainy day, I don’t think I know a family who didn’t bring their puzzles with them on every camping and caravaning expedition.

Puzzles are an all-round crowd pleaser, they increase productivity whilst being super fun.

I also love that depending on your home situation, you can spend hours doing this by yourself, or get the entire household involved.

Another thing great about jigsaws is that you can spend as long as you like on them.

You could buy one massive 10,000 piece puzzle and continue working on it throughout the rest of the lockdown.

I would recommend putting together the corners and edges first, and make sure to find a place you can keep your progress where it won’t get damaged.

My mom always suggests under the rug.

6. Exercise and Workout Equipment

For the gym goers out there, I know it can be tough times.

All the gyms and fitness centres are closed for the foreseeable future and you need your next fix of gym gains.

Although a lot of people aren’t as fortunate as me to have a home gym, there are plenty of other options out there to keep yourself in shape without forking out on expensive equipment.

For myself, I like to put a focus on my core workouts and this is why I recommend the first product below so highly.

Others could opt for resistance bands, ankle weights or even a small set of dumbbells or kettlebells.

Working out at home doesn’t have to break the bank and once you buy these small items of equipment, you will have them for as long as they are of use.

You never know, you could end up cancelling your gym membership for good once you get into it.

7. Streaming Services

To accompany the iPad, of course you’re going to want subscriptions to streaming services.

In the last few years, streaming apps and websites have taken over from live TV.

I can’t really remember the last time I sat down and actually flicked through the TV guide.

The amount of content online is unlimited so there is something for everybody, I think this is why streaming companies are so popular right now.

And what better way to spend your time stuck at home than cuddling up with a new series that you know you’ve got hours of binge watching with.

Of course my first choice in the world of streaming apps is Netflix, there is just an abundance of films and TV series and I love that they are always bringing out new content.

For those people who aren’t Netflix fans, Amazon Prime Video is definitely up there with the best.

They have a variety of everything but I feel that they really out do themselves with their documentaries.

So if you want to learn something new during the pandemic, maybe this one is for you!

My final recommended streaming service is one that you don’t actually have to subscribe to.

Rakuten TV is perfect for those who don’t want to commit to monthly payments or simply can’t afford to.

They offer masses of films and TV series and are often the first to release new films straight from the cinema.

There are so many options with Rakuten TV, you can purchase films and series that you can keep on your account forever, or you can rent things to watch at a cheaper price.

They even have a section for all their free to watch content.

netflix logo black red streaming services films tv shows series seasons movies genre
rakuten tv streaming service films movies tv shows series seasons watch television
Rakuten TV

8. A Label Maker

Okay now this choice might seem a bit wacky but here me out. We’ve got all this time, stuck at home, why not get organised?

As a child, I remember my dad buying a label maker and I was fascinated by it. Of course the cheaper alternative would be to just use sticky label and a pen but there is something so satisfying about using this cute little printer.

So why not invest in this budget friendly machine and have hours of organising fun!

I’d start with the glass jars in my kitchen, containing sugar, flour etc. But if you really get carried away, you could find yourself labelling pretty much anything.

These are also a great idea for those of you with a home office.

I imagine many have had to make a mini office in their home to continue working during the pandemic.

Well a label maker is perfect for sorting through all your files.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for a lot of us. These are really crazy times and sometimes I forget what the norm is.

9. Sewing Machine

Everyone needs a new hobby during the lockdown, and there are so many to choose from.

You could start learning a new language, start knitting, reading more, or even gardening. A fun and practical hobby I’ve found is sewing.

Once you’re equipped with your own little machine there are endless possibilities to what you can create.

I recommend trying to steer away from fast fashion and revamping some of your old clothes up. This is also a great way to become more sustainable in these unknowing times.

If you like the idea of getting in to sewing, you could simply opt for a needle and thread, or the classic Quality Streets tin with all the cotton reels and pins.

But investing in a sewing machine can be so much faster and more efficient.

Not to mention so much easier when it comes to hemming and doing different stitches.

I recommend this mini sewing machine below. It is more compact than some of the other bulkier models which is great for space saving, and is great value for money.

10. Baking or Cooking Equipment

Another hobby idea, get baking! Or cooking, whichever takes your fancy.

I’m more of a Mary Berry kind of girl but you never know, you could end up coming out of lockdown with skills like Gordon Ramsay.

Depending on what you want to do in the kitchen, there are lots of different equipment and utensil sets.

Yes a lot of these things will probably already be in your kitchen but there’s always that one recipe that requires something unusual. I never have any ceramic baking beans!

So get searching online, or through the recipe books you already have, and find some things you want to learn to make.

I’m sure no members of your household will be complaining about all the tasty cakes you’ve made.

I do not promote or encourage leaving your home unnecessarily, at this time. Please, if you would like to purchase anything inspired by this list do it online. Amazon is a great way to shop online, as well as many other retailers at your fingertips.

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