How Daily Affirmations Can Help Shape Your Life for the Better

daily positive affirmations speak to yourself in mirror for positive reinforcement of self love and self worth.

This article was written by Sasha from thrives to provide a sense of community, light, and love in all things.

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Community is all we have and when we come together, we are always stronger for it.

The Power of Daily Affirmations for Building Self-Love and Self-Worth

When living in a world that is so deeply rooted in social media and personal image, it can be hard to turn off that constant comparison in your head, even when you put your phone down.

Social media has made it very hard to differentiate what is reality and what is not and it has caused a lot of suffering for many people.

A powerful tool that can be used for good has caused many to lose their sense of worth and confidence.

Something I have found to help keep me grounded and rooted in who I am has been focusing on how I talk to myself and treat myself daily.

I always say, if you wouldn’t talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself, there is an issue that needs to be fixed.

Insert daily affirmations!

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From our amazing guest blogger, learn how to incorporate daily affirmations into your life, in order to improve self love and feelings of self worth.
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After going through many difficult times in my life, I kept searching for some place to get answers or to just feel like I wasn’t alone. After many years of not finding it, I decided it was in my power to create it. So here we are!

What Are Daily Affirmations?

Daily affirmations are positive statements that help train your brain both consciously and unconsciously to focus on a goal.

That goal can be anything from work-related to self-esteem related.

The goal of these powerful mantras are to overcome that negative voice we all have in our heads, in addition to diminishing self-sabotaging behaviours or thoughts.

Instead of focusing on negativity within ourselves, we are redirecting our focus to positivity.

When we focus on speaking positively about ourselves, we re-train our brain to work for us instead of against us.

This mental shift has such a profound affect especially if you suffer from a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and more.

The ultimate guide to positive affirmations and how using them daily can change your life for the better. Be the best you, you can be.

How to Incorporate Affirmations Into Your Daily Routine

A great way to start incorporating positive affirmations into your life, is by first committing.

Focus on the next seven days to make it a point to create a routine in the morning that lets you focus on your intentions and start your day on a positive note.

When you wake up, avoid checking your phone first thing. Instead go to your bathroom and while brushing your teeth (or doing whatever it is that you do right in the morning), focus on what your intention is for the day and a goal you have for yourself.

Make sure you are standing in front of a mirror!

When you have set your intention, think of a mantra that goes with that intention. See some examples below!

Whatever mantra you have chosen (there is no right or wrong), repeat it 3-5 times while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Focus on your breath in-between reciting your affirmation.

Once you have completed, go and drink 8oz of water before consuming anything else.

Continue to focus on your intention, and then carry on about your day!

Learn the secret powers of daily affirmations for a better life. Treat yourself right and learn to develop your opinion of yourself for ultimate happiness.

Examples of Powerful Affirmations

25 examples of some powerful affirmations are:

  1. I choose to let go of negative self-talk.
  2. I am strong, I am beautiful and I am worthy of all good things in life.
  3. I am capable of anything I set my mind to.
  4. I love and accept my true self.
  5. I choose to forgive myself and let go of any past mistakes.
  6. I set healthy boundaries and take time to focus on myself as needed.
  7. I choose to let go of all things I have no control over in my life.
  8. I am committed to choosing me, each and every day.
  9. I am committed to saying no to things that no longer serve me.
  10. I am prioritising my emotional, mental, and physical health today.
  11. I choose to live my best life.
  12. I deserve to feel loved and to feel happy.
  13. I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.
  14. I am love.
  15. I am compassion.
  16. I radiate positive energy.
  17. Today is filled with endless possibilities and I am worthy of all.
  18. Today is amazing and things are going to happen for me.
  19. I am beautiful.
  20. I believe in my abilities.
  21. I have the power to change my story.
  22. I use my failures as a stepping stone.
  23. No one can make me feel inferior.
  24. I breathe in peace and breathe out fear.
  25. Today I let go of self-criticism.

Feel free to write down your own and put them on sticky notes around your home!

Have them serve as a constant reminder of your commitment to caring for yourself and loving on yourself!

Here’s to honoring our worth!


This article was written by Sasha from thrives to provide a sense of community, light, and love in all things.

Check me out on IG ( and on Pinterest ( and let’s connect!

Community is all we have and when we come together, we are always stronger for it.

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